5 Facts About Swedish Supergroup ABBA

Published on May 5, 2021

How They Got Their Name

The group was looking for a suitable band name so put a competition in a Gothenburg newspaper. A few names that stood out were “Baba,” “Alibaba,” and “FABB” but in the end, all the suggestions were ignored and the group went with “ABBA.”

First Performance

In April 1970, the two couples were together in Cyprus on holiday and started singing for fun on the beach. This improvised live performance turned out to be a live performance in from of UN soldiers.


Both marriages between the band’s couples Fältskog and Ulvaeus and Lyngstad and Andersson struggled and failed in 1979, and 1981, respectively. The popularity and stress ultimately took its toll.

Australian Popularity

In 1976, a TV special for Australia got more views than the moon landing in 1969. ABBA was massive and received record-setting ratings when “The Best of ABBA” screen four times.

Getting Paid

The band was so popular in the Soviet Union that during the Cold War, currencies weren’t allowed to be exchanged, so the band opted to receive payments via royalties on oil commodities.